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Proper Insulation Significantly Lowers Your Attic Temperature, Lowers Your Energy Bills & Improves Your Florida Home's Comfort

If your home is five years or older it is very likely that it is not as insulated as it should be. 90% of homes in Florida follow the older building code requiring only R-19 insulation.

The current building code in Florida requires R-30 insulation. The Federal Department of Energy recommends that homes use R-38 insulation!

Energy costs only continue to rise. Rather than keep paying higher energy bills year over year, it is a wise decision to reduce your energy costs and constant overuse of your HVAC equipment by properly insulating your attic. A well-insulated house can significantly reduce your energy bills for many years and reduce the demands on your HVAC system, extending its life.

Proper insulation remains one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to reduce your home's energy bills.

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Proper Insulation Significantly Lowers Your Attic Temperature, Lowers Your Energy Bills & Improves Your Florida Home's Comfort

Insulation Plus of Sarasota Offers Blown-in Insulation to Keep Your Sarasota, FL. Home More Comfortable and Energy Efficient.

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Why We Recommended Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation For Your Attic Insulation

We are asked all the time by homeowners which insulation product should they use in their attic. At Insulation Plus of Sarasota, we are proud to state that we only install Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation.

Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation offers many advantages over current products on the market. It is more environmentally friendly as it is produced from recycled glass and sand with no additional chemicals and is GREENGUARD certified which means it has passed rigorous tests and is proven safe in homes, schools, hospitals, daycares, and more. In addition, Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation will virtually be in the same thickness and shape 20 years after installation giving you many years of excellent performance.

Cellulose, however, is produced from recycled paper, boric acid, and other chemicals, making it less environmentally friendly than blown-in wool and is NOT GREENGUARD certified. In addition, Cellulose insulation settles over time, leaving your attic with mounds of deflated insulation, thereby greatly diminishing the effectiveness of the insulation.

Another insulation product, Urethane Foam, contains formaldehyde and other chemicals and is not GREENGUARD certified. It also is not Class A fire rated.

Here is a list of other advantages Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation offers when you choose it for your attic insulation:

  • Saves Up to 40% on Energy Costs

  • 60% post-consumer recycled Glass

  • Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation Doesn’t Settle

  • It is Fire-Retardant

  • Rodents & Vermin Won’t Eat It

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Insulation Offers Year-Round Savings

  • Does Not Support Fungus or Mold Growth

  • GREENGUARD certified

  • It is one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to save on energy costs.

  • Improved Comfort

  • Quieter Homes

These advantages are why our technicians only apply this insulation to your attic floor!

Insulation Types Sarasota

Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation Sarasota County FL

Some homeowners prefer to handle their home improvements alone, even if they aren’t sure how to complete them all correctly. Too many residents think that the process is straightforward enough that they don’t need to research the DIY installation first.

Many people don’t understand how to properly seal off an attic. Even a few areas not sealed off correctly will continue to drive your utility bills higher and overtax your HVAC equipment. That is why you are better off having Insulation Plus of Sarasota as your insulation contractor.

Our team provides the experience you can trust for perfect installations each time, regardless of the scope of the work. We help more area households throughout the greater Sarasota, FL community in keeping their buildings more comfortable for less daily.

When you need a straightforward way to eliminate your attic’s energy loss, Insulation Plus of Sarasota is the best provider of Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation Hillsborough County, FL that homeowners depend on for excellent results.

Attic Insulation Company Sarasota FL

One area more homeowners miss when cutting down their energy loss continues to be their attic space along their roof. The average person doesn’t realize that all day and night, heated air in the winter months, and cooled air in the summer months, seeps outdoors wasting more money daily.

And while you could have any number of products installed to help with your efforts, Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation works best. Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation is a safer and more cost-effective alternative to cellulose insulation.


Cellulose is comprised of ground-up newspaper with boric acid and other chemicals. Our Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation is made from sand and glass and no added chemicals. Our product is blown onto the surface of your attic floor and only settles 2% over 20 years vs. cellulose that settles 50% over 20 years.

Fiber Glass Blown-in Insulation can also absorb small amounts of water, helping prevent mold and mildew growth. No matter your areas of concern, we remain confident that our technicians can solve them all and at lower costs.

Contact Insulation Plus of Sarasota today for lowered utility bills!
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