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3 Ways To Know Your Current Attic Insulation Needs Supplemented Or Replaced In Sarasota

An insulation layer is usually found throughout a home's interior, including the walls, floors, and ceilings. When used properly in your attic, insulation acts as a barrier keeping your cool are in during the summer and the cold air out in the winter. Additionally, insulation helps prevent sudden temperature fluctuations, maintaining a steady temperature in your home. Though Sarasota bay area homeowners seldom consider their insulation, there are numerous indicators that you may have damaged insulation or none at all. Also, a comprehensive house inspection isn't enough to guarantee that your new residence is adequately insulated.

This blog explains three ways to know if your current attic insulation needs supplemented or replaced in Sarasota, FL.

Problems With The Thermostat

Often times when people keep pushing the thermostat trying to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, it’s not a problem with the thermostat or AC system. If your home or business is under-insulated chances are your AC system may not be able to keep up during extreme weather. A proper inspection of your attic can help determine if you are losing a lot of your homes energy due to low R value.

Accumulation of Ice

While this is not common in Florida, up north homes that get snow on the roof every year can start to develop ice on the roof at the gutters. This ice accumulation is caused by the attic not being properly insulated which leads to the snow melting on the roof deck then running down to the gutters and re-freezing. This causes ice damming and potentially damage to your roof and roof deck. Like we said this really is not a problem we see here in FL but is a sign you do not have enough insulation in your attic.

Presence Of Mold

Mold growth can be a sign that you do not have enough insulation in your Sarasota house. This might also cause your air conditioning ducts to sweat, roof deck, etc. This excess moisture will cause mold growth over time. During an inspection of your attic if you every find mold growth it’s time to replace your insulation to prevent illness. If rats or signs of other pests are found in your insulation it’s a good idea to replace it as well.

Consult With A Professional

If you notice your current attic insulation needs replacement or repair for the above brief reasons, consult a professional blown-in attic insulation service in Sarasota, FL like Insulation Plus of Sarasota. An Attic insulation installer in Sarasota will give a free estimate and let you know exactly where you stand with your insulation currently. During our estimates and inspections we check for all the common problems we see here in the Sarasota Bay area and recommend an attic efficiency program to help you save money on your energy expenses every month!

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