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Advantages of Choosing Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation in Sarasota

Blown-in attic insulation is one of the best options for your Sarasota home. This single investment can lower your utility bills while improving the energy efficiency of your property.

Blown fiberglass attic insulation provides an R-value that suits the modern home, offering a protective thermal blanket that delivers several immediate benefits.

If you’ve been thinking about making a few energy efficiency improvements at home, here are the reasons why blown-in insulation in Sarasota is an investment that makes sense.

What Are the Advantages of Blown-in Insulation in Sarasota?

1. Blown-in insulation delivers soundproofing benefits.

When you select blown-in fiberglass insulation in Sarasota, your home receives a tighter seal in the attic. This feature mutes the indoor noise that travels from one room to the next. It will also create buffers against outdoor noise pollution, resulting in a more peaceful environment that everyone can enjoy.

2. It improves a home’s energy efficiency rating.

Blown-in materials from a professional insulation company in Sarasota provide more than a 20% improvement in your efficiency rating than standard fiberglass batting. That’s when you compare products with an equal R-value.

Since the blown-in materials have more flexibility, this service seals the places that are harder to reach in the attic. You can fill those crevices that batting leaves open, improving the overall living experience when the work is complete.

3. Most jobs are completed in a day.

When you contact an insulation contractor in Sarasota, it helps to work with a company that can work around your schedule. If you invest in batting or other insulating methods, the time to complete the job could be measured in days – and sometimes weeks on large buildings depending on who is doing the project.

If you choose blown-in insulation from a trusted local contractor, a two-person team can finish most jobs within a few hours. We can seal those wooden crossbeams, cover the pipes, and whatever else is up there to ensure you receive a seamless covering.

4. Your home receives fire protection benefits.

If you select blown-in fiberglass insulation for your home, the airtight seal created by this product can produce fewer places where airflows could let flames spread. It stops the small spaces that let fires creep into the attic, potentially allowing for more time to get out if the worst-case scenario occurs.

Since it doesn’t have the same structures as fiberglass batting, you don’t need to worry about foil or paper backings catching on fire.

5. It saves energy.

When Sarasota homeowners select blown-in fiberglass as their preferred insulation, the product creates cooler indoor attic temperatures during the summer months. When winter comes around, more heat is retained to enhance HVAC performance.

Although the cost savings is variable for each property, some homeowners report experiencing a 50% or more drop in their heating and cooling utility expenses.

Our blown-in fiberglass installation service often pays for itself within 24 to 48 months for the average Sarasota home.

6. Blown-in fiberglass is easy to maintain.

When you opt for something other than blown-in insulation, you run the risk of having the fibers getting into your skin and causing irritation. Most homeowners need to check their attic about once per quarter to ensure there aren’t any leaks that could be causing damage to the house.

Attics are also one of the first places that pests tend to be because the space tends to be warmer than other parts of the home. Rodent activity will continue for as long as they’re allowed to stay. You can inspect this area quickly with blown-in insulation present.

7. It can bring your home up to code.

When Sarasota homes were built in the 1990s, the concept of energy efficiency wasn’t much of a priority. If your attic received any insulation, the most it got was likely two or three inches. Some older homes may not even have any insulation! The current code requirements in Florida can require a foot or more to achieve the appropriate R-value.

An insulation installer in Sarasota should take you through your home's exact requirements to achieve the energy efficiency results you want.

8. Fiberglass blown-in insulation has advantages over cellulose and mineral wool.

When selecting a Sarasota insulation contractor, you can look for cellulose, mineral wool, or fiberglass blown-in products. We prefer fiberglass because it is more affordable than mineral wool and carries fewer degradation risks than cellulose.

Cellulose blown-in insulation can also become too heavy for some attics, especially if it absorbs moisture.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Home Today?

As we enter the fall season, the temperature changes become noticeable in each home. When you invest in the advantages of our service, you’ll notice more consistency and a lower heating and cooling bill each month.

If you haven’t been up to your attic in a while, now is the perfect time to give it a thorough inspection.

If you’re ready to see how blown-in fiberglass from a professional insulation company in Sarasota can improve your home, our team is standing by today to answer any questions you have.

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