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How Does A Radiant Barrier Work

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

In the dead of summer, your attic can easily be 40-50 degrees warmer than outside temperatures. This huge increase in temperature causes radiant heat to travel through your insulation and into your home increasing the load on your air conditioner and ultimately making it very uncomfortable inside. While we offer several different solutions to help combat the summers sweltering heat, today we're going to talk about radiant barriers.

Radiant barriers are a type of energy-saving system that reflects UV rays from the sun back instead of them being absorbed in your attic increasing temperatures. Radiant barriers come in many different forms from foil-backed foams, to foil sheeting and even spray-on systems. We offer the spray-on systems because it allows us to provide better coverage since we can spray the reflective coating back into tight spaces that other materials cant fit into. Another advantage of our spray-on radiant barrier is that the installation is much faster than working with ridged materials or materials that can tear allowing us to get the jobs done quicker so you can get on with your day. Our spray-on radiant barriers can actually help decrease attic temperatures pretty dramatically so it's well worth having done especially if you are having other insulation services done.

When our different insulation and home energy saving services are combined they form the ultimate home energy saving system! If you look up in your attic and just see the wooden roof deck that means you do not have a radiant barrier installed and your attic is getting hotter than it needs to costing you money every day. Contact us for a free estimate and see how much we could be saving you each month!

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