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What Is Blown-In Insulation?

Summer in the Sarasota area is blazing hot and the main thing that helps keep that heat at bay in your home is your attics' blown-in insulation.

So what is blown-in insulation?

Blown-in insulation comes in many different materials like cellulose, wool, and more but we use fiberglass blown-in insulation since it has many benefits other types of insulation do not offer.

Our fiberglass blown-in insulation offers excellent insulation properties while being lightweight, chemical-free, and more dust-free than many other forms of insulation.

Unlike older "batt" types of fiberglass insulation, our blown-in insulation can easily get into tight spaces allowing us to really fill up your attic with the proper amount of insulation (r-38) giving you the best results for your investment. With r-38 insulation levels, most customers see a noticeable difference in the comfort of their home as well as in their electric bills.

Why r-38 Insulation?

In the mid-2000's the code in Florida for your attics insulation changed. What that means to you is that unless your home was very recently built, the chances are pretty good that you do not have enough insulation in your attic. This is why many people notice their air conditioners running non-stop in the summer too!

What happened was that the Department of Energy noticed HUGE differences in the efficiency of current insulation products at r-38 levels and decided it would be best for everyone to insulation to r-38.

The good thing is r-38 insulation levels mean you have a much more efficient home. The bad thing is nearly 90% of the homes in the Sarasota area are under-insulated...

How do I fix my attic insulation?

Simple! As one of the Sarasota area's best insulation contractors, we can schedule a free estimate with you. During your estimate, one of our technicians will examine your attic and even show you pictures of your attic so you can see where your current insulation situation stands. From there, we will give you an estimate on what it would cost to bring your attic up to r-38 standards as well as make any other recommendations we see that might help improve your attics efficiency.

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