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Why Choose Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation For Your Sarasota Home

With all the different types of insulation out there in Sarasota, it can be difficult to know what insulation you should be using for your home's attic. After years in the industry, we decided that we would offer blown-in fiberglass because of many factors such as cost, ability to save customers on energy, its non-toxic, and its mold resistance.

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation works by creating air pockets throughout the insulation that slows the transfer of heat/cold air to the air on either side of it. Much like a cooler, this space allows you to keep the cool air in and the hot air out of your home.

Often times we have people asking us if fiberglass is safe. The answer is yes! Fiberglass has been used in homes for insulation for decades since it has been proven safe.

Ever seen the medicine commercials where they talk about how safe a new drug is that just came on the market only to pull it from the market years later? Fortunately, fiberglass has been around long enough that we know it's safe, unlike spray foams that studies have shown slowly release chemical-filled gasses over time. While they are still approved for use, we wouldn't want them around our family or yours either!

Fiberglass also has many benefits that other types of insulation do not have. First, being glass, it doesn't absorb water like other types of insulation. This means that it is not a good host for mold growth. This is something cellulose can't say.

One of the common selling points of spray foam insulation is the ability to fill areas preventing airflow/drafts. Fortunately, with blown-in fiberglass insulation, you get those benefits too but without the risk of toxic fumes being released over the years. Blown-In Fiberglass can easily be blown into small areas sealing up air leaks.

One of the biggest benefits of fiberglass is that it still allows your home to breathe. Humidity coming up through the ground can still wick away out of the top of your home, its roof vents, etc. With spray foam, you are essentially creating a barrier in your attic trapping moisture in your home and making your air conditioner work harder to remove it.

As you can see decades of use do not lie. There are many reasons fiberglass insulation was used in the past and is still used heavily today. Contact us for a free blown-in insulation estimate today!

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