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Why Choose Blown In Insulation

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Insulation Plus of Sarasota is the regions go to insulation company. We provide high quality blown in insulation that is backed by a lifetime warranty!

Our blown in fiber glass insulation is a better alternative to other types of insulation for many different reasons depending on the insulation type you are comparing it to.

When compared to cellulose, blown in fiberglass is superior in that by its nature, fiberglass does not rot, decay, or promote mildew growth. Cellulose on the other hand has to be treated to accomplish this. After a period of time Cellulose is susceptible to rot, decay, and mildew or mold. Cellulose is also treated with chemicals to be fire resistant where are fiberglass is naturally fire resistant.

When it comes to spray on foam insulation there can be a couple issues with it. One is that depending on the type of foam that is sprayed it can shrink and actually pull away from the studs leaving gaps for cold air to travel between. Also like cellulose, spray foam insulation must be treated with fire retardants to make it fire resistant.

There are actually a whole slew of studies by the CDC that talks about the risks of such retardants as well pointing out that they are "persistent bio accumulative and toxic chemicals". Basically that means they have chemicals that never go away and exposure is dangerous.

In short, fiberglass insulation provides safe and effective insulation and is able to be installed at R-38 values to keep your home far more energy efficient, without the risks of chemicals associated with other insulation methods.

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