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Why You Need A Solar Attic Fan In The Sarasota Florida Area And The Benefits

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Why You Need A Solar Attic Fan In The Sarasota Florida Area And The Benefits

In Florida attics easily become 40-50 degrees or hotter than the outside temperature. This is caused by a number of different factors but we will only be touching on one today. Ventilation.

While every home typically has some form of ventilation on the roof deck to assist your insulation in keeping your home cool, it's often not enough. The ventilation installed on your typical roof just does not allow enough airflow to keep the attic at the same temperature (or as close as possible) as the outside.

This lack of ventilation allows the attic to get extremely hot in the immense Florida sun and heat the attic up allowing it to radiate down into the living areas of your home.

A solar-powered attic fan on the other hand solves this problem. Solar-powered attic fans create negative pressure in the attic sucking out more air and pulling in cooler air from the soffit vents on your home.

This extra force keeps your attic much closer to outside temperatures taking stress off your air conditioning system and making the inside of your home much more comfortable even on the hottest days.

One of the biggest upsides of solar-powered attic fans aside from then impacts on your air conditioning and is that it helps your pocketbook in three ways.

First is that savings from the air conditioner running less. As mentioned when the attic is cooled down it does not radiate as much heat towards the living space allowing the air conditioner to run less and save on energy.

Second, solar-powered attic fans save on energy because they use the sun's power to run them, unlike traditional attic fans that can contribute to energy waste.

Lastly, since your air conditioner does not need to run as often or as hard, solar attic fans can actually extend the life of your air conditioning systems.

With all the benefits of solar attic fans there really is no reason not to have one installed and start not only saving money but living more comfortably!

Contact us for a free solar powered attic fan estimate today!

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